Article No. Abroad

Hard work is… well, hard work is hard. It tires body and mind while constantly reminding one that the journey is hardly over –in fact it’s barely begun.  We hail the risk-taking entrepreneurs who spend every waking hour (and often dreaming ones, too) as our compatriots in frantic, though calculated, action.

Today we illuminate the hard work and accomplishments of our friends and collaborators at Article No. in their recent trip to Japan and China, where they work intimately with reputable production shops to create “elevated basics” that are sought after across the world, and worn by celebrities and sneaker-heads alike.

article number better for living

Hypebeast just featured Article No.’s clean, beautifully lit AW15 lookbook to overwhelming (but totally expected) excitement. Here on the Better Blog we are letting you in on the breakneck process going into building an effortlessly cool brand:



Article No. Abroad, as outlined by Ant de Padovane

article no. abroad

Day 1:  Arrived in Tokyo and went straight to our meetings, grabbed some drinks –this was our only real moment to chill, and it was more meeting and networking than relaxation.

Day 2:  Met with our distributor, who took us to all our top tier accounts to make intros. Was cool to see the shoes in store s and on mannequins, and the staff knew our faces. Big in Japan 😜

better for living article number

Day 3-8: China.  Every day for the next 5 days was get up at 6am, breakfast , then head to the factory for 14/15 hours to bang out work, finalize aw16 samples, visit the marketplace, concept and finalize materials and stories, trims and details, fix uppers patterns… Definitely all work and no play.

Back to Tokyo for a dinner with United Arrows / pre-Halloween party at Womb –then straight to the airport at 5am to LA.

Just another week in the world of one of the hottest new shoe labels: hard work done right.