All Black Friday

When we decided to open a brick and mortar storefront, we wanted to showcase the work created by us and our friends, while also having a space to create our own work.  We dreamed of an open and inviting place where interested makers could come play --where craftspeople could ply their trades while making new friends alongside new works.

We simply needed a space of our own that we would readily share.

But then something wonderful --and unexpected --happened.  We didn’t account for the multitude of accomplished friends who would be so receptive to sharing their wares with us.  All in all, it’s a good problem to have: the tyranny of too many choices allows us to exercise the verb form of select.  With art, fashion and objects from an array of talented young creators, we are launching our online shop.

We encourage you to click through and acquaint yourself with (a number of) the options we have available.  You’ll have to act quickly, though; almost everything we stock is one of a kind or exceptionally limited in stock.