Doing it Ourselves, Together

Take the time necessary to do things right. Don’t rush. Never work anxiously, nor angrily –it shows in the final product. Resist the urge to compromise. Work well, whether alone or with others.  These are simple rules for creating, yet the hardest to follow.

Collaboration cannot be forced; it must be natural if it is to work well and convey quality.  Collective making, doing, and scheming are experiments in participation and reciprocity, this is why we are constantly seeking talented artisans to work with to make Better …well, better.  

We desire a balance –between artisan and artist, material and craft, whimsy and utility, being-there and becoming-something. Craftspeople, artists, artisans, and n’philes from all disciplines are invited and encouraged to approach us with either their ideas, aspirations, and plans for projects. We are excited by work.