Friends See Friends Naked

We are nothing if not products of process.  Nothing exists in static… everything is changing all of the time.  There is no perfect –no best –only better than before.  Ceaselessly self improving, we are cautious to show anything unfinished; however, we also know that nothing is finished until it is over...

...and we are just starting to grow.

In recognition of this beginning, Better is going to show our bones. Better; for Living is revealing itself to the public for the spectacle of the season: Halloween. Because nothing says scary like a black clad boutique… a skeletal select shop. So come see what’s under our black facade as we host an open house. It’s Better(:) Naked! This Friday, October 30th, 17-22 o’clock Friday. 3425 Balboa Street, SF CA 94121. You can come un/costumed. Also naked.