A Better Debut

The days are getting shorter.  The rainy season is actually upon us.  The warmth must be savored --so why not share the body heat?  Move around, even when it gets dark all too early.  Music helps the movement, so we are told; forced festivity isn’t exactly our forte, so we call this our debut.  

On Friday, December 18th we will have an un-holiday party --we will debut ourselves along with an exhibition upon our walls of the work of neighbor, friend, and artist Tyler Eash.  Entitled "Waterfall, waterfall," the exhibit is only the beginning of Better's artistic inclinations, though it is a very strong start. There will be music to accompany whimsical wigs and opulent OSB paintings, and it will be good... and hopefully, a little bit warm.

Tyler Eash -  American Classic

Tyler Eash - American Classic

The event will run from Six to Whenever.  Bring a friend, a sweater, and a taste for Dumplings (The King is right around the corner for anyone feeling peckish that still carries cash) and make merry... or something. The mood will be bright, and the tunes dark. Perfect.

Tyler Eash - Constellation: to the Right

Tyler Eash - Constellation: to the Right