Eckhaus Latta: Cool, Young, Sexy.

Forbes' 30 Under 30 Highlights Eckhaus Latta


In almost any industry imaginable, it's as much who you know as what you know.  As a select shop focused on creating a unique and memorable aesthetic, this is especially the case.  Lucky for us, then, that we are lucky to have such supportive and innovative friends as the designers at Eckhaus Latta.

Forbes has included Zoe Latta and Mike Eckhaus in their 5th annual "30 Under 30" as young, daring pioneers in art and design.  Innovators in both textile design and construction, the duo have been notable stars on the fashion scene, season after season.  Favorites of the New York TimesVogue, and anyone with a pulse, they simply can do no wrong.


eckhaus latta forbes 30 under 30


"Bicoastal design duo founded fashion label Eckhaus Latta in 2012. Their work has been dubbed youthful, edgy and sexy. Zoe also founded textile design company Prince Ruth, whose clients have included Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein."


 --Forbes' 30 Under 30, Art and Style






We congratulate our amazingly talented and incredibly supportive friends on their truly constant creativity and impeccable talent.  If you'd like to share in the glamour, come admire their dedication to design and craft in person (or up on our online shop) --we've some great pieces from last season, and many more to come!  Be sure to come by soon and see what we (literally and colloquially) have in store.