Candles: A Love Story

Nobody would ever guess that our super-cute best-selling candles started out as a performative joke we dubbed ‘Chapstick Mountain.’ We started making candles as a break from drywalling and painting while renovating the store; --when looking for a use for some twenty pounds of unfiltered beeswax they sort of just happened. We dabbled in a few other shapes and wick layouts, but we realized that what we wanted to make was something small, affordable, unique, fun.  What we have created is a beautiful conduit for wax flow —since nobody doesn’t like playing with wax.

Our dear friends at The Understory caught us candle-making last month, and we've been beaming since we saw the results. Fabian, Maya, thank you.


We use beeswax because it’s simply the best, it’s natural [not a petroleum distillate or agriculture crushing mono-crop], burns the cleanest, and (allegedly) negatively ionized [we are skeptical]; we use linen wicks because they’re free of heavy metals, flat woven, unwaxed, and made of entirely organic fibers; we scent and color with natural herbs and oils because we believe in a holistically healthy and honest product. We strive to make a product that we ourselves want to use.

better <3 vejas

We never would have guessed that we would have spent last night rushing a special suite of candles to our new friends at Vejas for their Parisian showroom at LVMH headquarters (where they are shortlisted for the prestigious LVMH prize)... but then again, all things seem possible when you work diligently and do what is needed.  Here's to afterthoughts that become staples. Here's to making things (Better). 

vejas candles lvmh better for living

Candles are available in store, online, and now at The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, NY.