Monome: Ten Years of Amazement & Hollow Moon Rings Like Bell

I am constantly amazed by our friends Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain, for their tremendous creativity and unparalleled generosity. I am so grateful to have them in my life, and ecstatic to be surrounded by their beautiful wares every day here at Better; for Living. 

Ten years ago was founded as a tiny operation making minimal and versatile instruments based upon a number of Brian's (Tehn's) personal experiments. While their arsenal of instruments has grown, their staffing most definitely hasn't; everything is still made by hand by Brian in their barn at their incredible house in the Catskills. More impressive yet than their barrier-breaking instruments, is the community that has grown from their fervent belief in transparent processes and the power of the community. Now |||||||| has outgrown the website and expands so far beyond the realm of Monome that it is a venerable wealth of support, creative endorsements, and ideas in the digital music scene worldwide. 

Brian and Kelli, thank you for being some of the kindest and most driven people I have ever met, so generously bringing me into your fold of barn parties, DIY manufacturing, and tech gadgetry, and creating this incredible thing that has since come through its years of bumbling awkwardness with flying colors, and is now prepared to amaze us in ways we didn't even know were possible. 

We were fortunate enough to host Brian and Kelli on their west coast tour performing a set dubbed "Hollow Moon Rings Like Bell" (which is also available for download here) and ecstatic to open our doors to the Monome/|||||||| communities in Bay Area. Special thanks to Fabian and Maya of The Understory for filming the set above. We hope that you all enjoy it.