Monome Makes Music

For our next installment of the Better; Gallery series, we’re doing something completely different. Again. Because routine is the mother of creative death, and we want to live forever. Through our work. Sometimes.

We’re having another sort of show --musical, in fact.

Multi-disciplinarians Kelli Cain and Brian Crabtree --the power couple behind Monome --are making their way Westward, taking respite from their idyllic Martha-Stewart-approved abode to play music and adventure in their family van. On Friday, February 19th, we will have a live music set by the makers of the digital music scene's favorite interfaces.  The treasured go-to for Daedelus, Four Tet, deadmau5, and everyone in between, monome is always impeccably made from the finest hardware.

If you're curious about the grid --or what you can do with any of the monome offerings --look no further. Come see them in action, next month at Better.