Do Better for Yourself

Through the act of making for ourselves and others, as well as appreciating those things made for us, we have come to believe that commodities invested –whether it is time, money, materials, or patience –for pieces made deliberately, constructed well, and accommodating of (ab)use are well worth it. Things done well take time and require work; we know this to be true. In this spirit, we stock limited release and custom wares that will work for you as much as you have worked for them.

It takes time to remodel, renovate, and reimagine. We welcome those who take that time.

In a culture of frantically fast and disposable materialism, we have grown weary. We have learned and lived an important truth: if you are to do something, do it right and without compromise; when you do, you have the privilege of living with your decision, rather than the burden of needing make another.